Ready for a walk on the wild side? Then it’s time to play
Australia’s Deadly Animals Bingo!
We find out what this fun-filled game is all about – and meet the game’s author, Chris Humfrey!

Australia's Deadly Animals Bingo

This fun family-friendly game is packed with awesome illustrations and fascinating facts about Australia’s most weird, wonderful and terrifying creatures!

As you play for victory, you’ll get to learn about all kinds of super-cool creatures – from fearsome favourites like the great white sharks and box jellyfish, to the less-known quirkier critters, including the stonefish and bristle worm. Awesome!

Australia's Deadly Animals Bingo

The aim of the game is simple – mark each species off on your card as it’s called, and be the first to shout BINGO! You and your friends are sure to have hours of fun…but who’ll have what it takes to be crowned the winner?!



Meet TV zoologist Chris Humfrey!

We caught up with TV zoologist and animal-lover Chris Humfrey, who wrote all the fab facts and info for Australia’s Deadly Animals Bingo! Check out what he had to say about this great game…

Australia's Deadly Animals Bingo

What made you want to write about Australia’s deadly and dangerous native animals for this game?

I have always had a fascination for dangerous creatures. I have a vivid memory of a red bellied black snake slithering through my legs when I six years old, and I was horrified when my dad promptly chopped its head off in front of me….. to supposedly protect me. I was so sad! The snake didn’t mean me any harm, it was more frightened of me…..and especially my dad’s shovel! Ever since that day, I have vowed to educate people on the importance of protecting all animals, regardless whether they are dangerous or not.  Many animals are deadly to assist them to survive, because they live in inhospitable environments such as Australia. You never know when your next meal is going to come along, so your venom, sharp teeth or spines better be effective. But hey… aren’t human beings  the most dangerous animals of them all?

Do you have a favourite animal in the game? If so, why is it your favourite?

My favourite animal in the game is the blue-ringed octopus. A tiny nocturnal hunter and, believe it or not, a cousin to the snail. This cobalt blue denizen of the intertidal zone is more than capable of killing 26 people with one bite from its lethal beak, which it uses to inject a powerful neurotoxin called tetrodotoxin. But they’re not that evil; they warn you off first by turning a bright warning blue. That’s fair enough!

Have you ever had a dangerous encounter with a deadly animal? 

Yes, indeed! I once spent four hours sitting up a thin rainforest tree on the side of Mt. Misery in Far North Queensland, being attacked by a male cassowary. Each time I climbed down, he ran ‘full pelt’ at me with his dagger-like talons centimetres from my body.  I clearly remember hiding under a large rainforest tree to avoid having its talons try to repeatedly stab me like a velociraptor.  Luckily, I was able to pull myself up into the canopy of a tree once again. The cassowary was relentless so I was extremely fortunate to escape with my life… SERIOUSLY! Luckily, he gave up after a while.

It was the scariest and most life-threatening animal encounter I have ever experienced, but also the best day of my life! I was in his territory; he was obviously protecting his chicks nearby. I love cassowaries so much more now after my dangerous encounter…. WOW!

Do you think deadly and dangerous Australian animals get bad/unfair press?

Absolutely! Australian deadly animals always get bad press. More people die from horse accidents, bee stings and dog attacks than snake bites in Australia. All animals can be dangerous. You need to be respectful and be aware when you are in their territory. Surprisingly, the world’s most toxic venomous land snake, Australia’s Inland Taipan, has never killed a person. In my opinion, Australia has the coolest animals in the world!

Why is it important that we protect native Australian animals?

Australia has some of the most unique and geographically isolated animals in the world. They have adapted to such harsh and ever-changing conditions. They must be applauded for their survival skills, behaviours and adaptations, not maligned and often hated for their potentially dangerous ways. We must protect all living creatures. After all, every animal has a job to do….and an important ecological niche (job). If you take one animal out of the equation, if you lose just one animal to extinction, there could be catastrophic consequences for the environment and its inhabitants as a whole (including humans).

Any top tips for when playing Australia’s Deadly Animals Bingo?! 

Just remember, I have chosen a few dangerous and down-right scary animals in my selection criteria also (not just deadly). Not all animals in the game are deadly to people, but fascinating all the same and GUARANTEED to scare you if you unexpectedly stumble across one….or sit on one……. in the Aussie bush. Oh… last tip. Don’t play this game with my daughters….they always cheat LOL!


Australia’s Deadly Animals Bingo by Chris Humfrey, published by Laurence King Publishing, is available now! For more info, and to discover more books and games, head to


Australia's Deadly Animals Bingo




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