Calling all wildlife lovers! Our latest partnership with Fruit Bowl is going to drive you wild!

We’re excited to announce that from this March, you can collect cool NG Kids stickers in packs of Fruit Bowl fruit snacks.

From armadillos to sea otters, we’ve got 48 super stickers for you to collect, each containing some fascinating facts about each animal.

And you’ll need somewhere to stick those stickers, right? Don’t panic! Because we’ll be putting amazing double-sided posters inside issues of NG Kids.


The posters

Side #1

Collect NG Kids wildlife stickers and posters with Fruit Bowl
See if you can collect all 48 stickers and place the animals in their corresponding habitat (you can put mum and dad to the test, too!).

Side #2

Collect NG Kids wildlife stickers and posters with Fruit Bowl
Size yourself up against some of Earth’s coolest creatures with our creature height chart!


Where to find them…

Pick up the free stickers in Fruit Bowl multipacks and paste them all over your poster. And the fun doesn’t stop there, because once you’ve filled one side, you can flip your poster over and decorate the other side, too!

Find Fruit Bowl snacks in the home-baking aisle of supermarkets, and look out for our double-sided posters in issues 124 and 131 of National Geographic Kids magazine!

Have you started collecting our stickers yet? Let us know which ones you’ve got and which ones you’re most excited about, below!




  • maria Lowe

    Where do I get the poster from. I've got loads of stickers but no poster.

  • Jamie

    Hi, my daughter collects these stickers. I was wondering where I get the poster from? Thanks

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