trex dinosaur chatbot

What would YOU ask a dinosaur if you could? Well, now you have the chance, as we launch a world first; a virtual T.rex who answers your questions!

Are you obsessed with dinosaurs, fascinated by fossils, or mad about pre-historic predators? Then this news is for you!

Kicking off the summer holidays with a ROAR, our very own chatbot, Tina the T.rex, will be living on our Facebook page for the next week.

Tina is all about virtual learning and discovery. Ask her a question and Tina will happily respond to questions about her favourite topic – herself!

Find Tina on our Facebook page, just click ‘Message’ to start chatting!

*You need to be 13 or older to have a Facebook account, otherwise, you’ll need to ask a parent or guardian to help you.

trex dinosaur chatbot

Ask her about her size, speed, habitatjust don’t mention the arms!

Chatting to Tina is easy, simply log in to Facebook (or ask your parents to log in on theirs), visit the NG KiDS page and click on the ‘Message’ button. Say hello and you’ll be greeted by Tina!

The bot, built by +rehabstudio, aims to make learning an engaging and interactive experience, and allows you to ask Tina whatever tickles your fancy. In fact, the more you ask, the more Tina learns!

Get the whole family together as you cuddle up and chat to Tina! 


Let us know what you think of Tina by leaving a comment below!




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  • Felix


  • Wowo13

    Nice. A talking dinosaur!!!

  • Coolio65056

    Ooooooh.... A talking dinosaur. Awesome!


    My favorite dinosaur is a tarbosaurus. You see, I really wonder why female t rexes are stronger and bigger than male ones? WHY?!

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