Six-year-old Frankie’s on a mission to save rhinos, and he wants YOUR help!

After discovering that there are only three northern white rhinos left in the world, Frankie Benstead decided to launch a fundraising project called ‘RhinosUp‘.

He’s hoping to raise a whooping £48,000 – that’s about the amount that a poached rhino horn might fetch on the black market!

Rhinos face a tough time out there in the wild — people kill them to use their horns in traditional ‘medicine’ and ornamental carvings, but in truth, rhino horns are made from nothing more than keratin – the same stuff your fingernails are made of!

Frankie Benstead rhinos up

Frankie is fundraising for Ol Pejeta Conservancy in Kenya, which is home to the last three northern white rhinos on the planet — here they are kept under constant guard to protect them from poachers.

His message is that poaching and extinction has to end. Working with Fauna & Flora International, his idea is to create a living sculpture out of bee-friendly plants in the shape of a northern white rhino.

Frankie hopes his flowerbed will make people think about what is happening to rhinos and see it as a terrible example of the impact that humankind can have.

rhinosup flower bed design
Frankie’s flowerbed design for one of his local parks in Cambridge.

“Like the loss of habitats threatens our bees here in this part of the world, I hope this piece of public art will remind us about how we are all connected,” Frankie says.

He says he wants “the flowers to come UP and the rhinos to come UP from the dead. That’s why I call it RhinosUp.”

The funds will go to support Ol Pejeta Conservancy’s work to protect rhinos. Not only is the conservancy home to the last three northern white rhinos, it also boasts East Africa’s largest population of black rhinos – another critically endangered species.


You can find out more about Frankie’s fundraising here:


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  • Aubriella Everton

    Let's take action!

  • Advait

    Let us save RHINOS

  • kipling Evans

    so true save the rhinos

  • Tiffany

    Let's save some rhinos!

  • I believe in you

  • We need to help rhinos now otherwise there will be no more, its just cruel to kill them you can do it Frankie.

  • Martyna

    Lets save these rhinos before they die out!!!

  • wow I hope we can bump up the amount of rhinos in the wild Its sad there is only three white rhinos left in the world

  • Surjin

    I hope Frankie succeeds in this challenging but smart idea; especially for his age. Even I couldn't think like that.

  • Saturn Flamingo

    Wow! I hope he raises £48,000 for the rhinos.

  • Zach

    thank you frankie for helping rhinos.rhinos are my favorite

  • Blue Elephant

    He is one brave little BOY!!!!

  • levi_stark

    I think Frankie is right. We should help save rhinos because as the text said their are only 3 remaining northern white rhinos on the planet. Sure there is ivory in their horns and they need medicine for hospitals but put others before you! you can't just go kill a human so you can't do it to any animal that includes rhinos.

  • Eva

    Save those rhinos Frankie

  • Wakelin

    Good job frank

  • Ziah

    Good job kiddo

  • Evelyn

    you can do it Frankie.I,m sorry that the rhino,s dieing off

  • Frankie

    thank you for having me on this website

  • Yeah! Let's go and save the world/Rhinos.

  • Grace macdougall

    I want to help save Rinos and I don't think that they should kill them just for a little thing it isn't nice

  • Liam

    This is so helpful

  • Eleanor

    How can I help

  • Hannah


  • That's sad poor rinoes

  • Amelie Rose age 9

    I think it is a very thoughtful thing to do and will definitely defend the rhinos I will try my best to help

  • Suraya


  • BEBEWolf

    Why don't they just use people's fingernails

  • lucy

    i love your idea. i will try help you

  • Eli123

    Good luck Frankie

  • Peter

    Keep UP the good work!

  • Clever kid

  • Ananiya

    Well done!! that is such a good course hope you get the money.

  • kaitlyn


  • Riana Hope age 10

    I think it is a very good idea I will try to help

  • Zias

    Good corse

  • Magpie

    Good luck Frankie!!

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