Earth Hour WWF

WWF is calling for planet-passionate people like YOU to take part in Earth Hour — a worldwide show of support for our brilliant planet.

It’s a special event where millions of people around the world will switch off their lights for one hour, to show how much they care about the future of our planet and want to look after it.

Earth Hour encourages you to think about the amount of energy we use (or waste!) every single day which contributes to our planet heating up — a process known as climate change or global warming.

You can read more about climate change, here!

Sadly, climate change spells bad news for wildlife, as they lose their habitats and face more extremeand unpredictable weather. As WWF put it, there is no planet B, gang!

Image: Copyright WWF / John E. Newby

Nearly 400 landmark buildings, like Buckingham Palace and Edinburgh Castle, will be switching off for Earth Hour. And you can join them, too! 

Last year, around 9 million people took part in the UK alone and this year’s Earth Hour is set to be the biggest yet. We can’t wait to take part!

Simply sign up at to join in. 

Earth Hour starts at 8.30pm on Saturday 24 March – don’t forget to switch off!


Make an Earth Hour lantern!

Earth Hour WWF

So that you’re not left in total darkness during Earth Hour, why not have a go at making these wildlife-inspired lanterns from recycled milk bottles? Get crafty and give them a try…

There are two different designs to make, download the instructions here:

– Elephant

– Polar bear

Let us know how you’re helping to save the planet by leaving a comment, below!




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