Have you ever wondered what life is like as an astronaut? And what it would be like to leave our planet behind and explore the wonders of space? Well, gang – here’s your chance to find out!

Tim Peake book

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Between December 2015 and June 2016, British astronaut Tim Peake worked on the International Space Station (ISS), as part of a space mission called Principia.


Ask An Astronaut book

The book’s illustrations help you to visualise the weird and wonderful quirks of life in space!


In his blast-tastic new book, Ask an Astronaut, he tells us all about life among the stars, based on the thousands of questions he’s been asked since his return to Earth. How cool is that?!

Ask an astronaut - Tim Peake

The public were invited to send questions using #askanastronaut, and in his book Tim answers a selection of them – together with diagrams, illustrations and incredible photos, too!


Ask An Astronaut book

“What did you pack to go to space?” is just one of the many questions that Tim answers in the book!


Some other weird and wonderful questions that people asked were…

Does space smell?
What’s it like to eat, sleep and go to the toilet in space?
What’s it like to orbit the earth ten times faster than a speeding bullet?!
Where’s Tim to off to next…?

Find of the answers to these questions and more!


Five fast facts about Tim!

Check out five cool facts about awesome astronaut Tim Peake…

Ask an astronaut


  1. In December 2015, Tim Peake became the first British ESA (European Space Agency) astronaut to visit the ISS.
  2. He spent six years training for his trip to the ISS – and beat 8,000 applicants who all wanted to be astronauts on the mission.
  3. During his six-month stay on the International Space Station, he ran the London marathon strapped to a treadmill!
  4. In February 2016, Tim spoke to 300 school children in a live Q&A session from space called Cosmic Classroom.
  5. Tim even presented a BRIT Award live from space!


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For more information about Ask and Astronaut, click here
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Image credits: Cover photo of Tim; Marie Schmidt. All other photos and space texture: Getty Images UK



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