Rafe Khatchadorian doesn’t have much luck in life. 

Everything he puts his mind to seems to trigger a disastrous series of catastrophes, blunders and crash, bang, wallops – which makes for hilarious reading!

Middle School Dog’s Best Friend, the eighth book in James Patterson’s best-selling Middle School series, follows another of Rafe’s side-splitting adventures as he tries to make it as a professional dog-walker.

His new venture not only means he’ll be able to help out his struggling grandma, but he’ll even have the extra cash to buy his own WormHole Premium Multi-Platform GameBoxwin, win!

But when two terrible twins sabotage Rafe’s flyers and steal his customers, his whole operation is under threat! Plus, Rafe’s bratty kid sister, Georgia, has skipped a grade and is crashing all of his classes… Throw a kid a bone! 

Will Rafe be able to smite the terrible twins and make his doggy day care a success? Or will he end up in deep doggy doo-doo? You’ll have to read the book to find out! 

Meet Rafe, Georgia, Miller and Junior the dog – the calamitous characters!

Middle School Dog’s Best Friend Book

Miller The Killer

Watch out – he’s a big, mean, bullying machine!


He’s the star of the Middle School series and is pretty much always getting in trouble, whether he means to or not!


Feisty and smart, she’s always getting on her big bro’s nerves – but when they pull together, they make an awesome team!


Vice President of Rafe’s new canine business venture, Junior the dog craves the simple life; sleeping, snacking and belly rubs!

Exclusive extract!

Can’t wait to to start reading? Here’s an excellent extract from Middle School Dog’s Best Friend – cool! 

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Middle School Dog’s Best Friend is out on 20 October 2016!

Head to puffin.co.uk for more info, and check out the other books in the hilarious series, here!

Copyright © James Patterson 2016.
Illustrations by Jomike Tejido and Laura Park.




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