Have you ever heard a creaking noise in your house at night? If you have, then you’ve probably got Creakers living under your bed! They’re the disgusting stars of Tom Fletcher’s newest, spookiest and smelliest book!
The Creakers
See that awesome girl on the front cover in the dungarees? That’s Lucy Dungston, she’s the hero of this story – she just doesn’t know it yet! She’s smart, brave and maybe a little messy from time to time. But she’s exactly who you need when the Creakers start making mischief. Look closely and you’ll see she’s wearing goggles on the top of her head – now, why could that be?!

One morning, Lucy discovers that all the grown-ups have disappeared – as if into thin air – and chaos descends as the children in Lucy’s town run riot. It’s mayhem. It’s madness. To most kids, it’s amazing! But Lucy wants to find out the truth. She’s coming up with a plan to get the grown-ups back and nothing’s going to stop her…except maybe the Creakers!


Creepy Creatures

Which of these four creakers do you think looks and sounds the most disgusting?

The Creakers
The Creakers


Things that hide under your bed!

Meet some fascinating wild beasties that creep while you sleep…

The Creakers

Cardinal spider

This awesome arachnid is the largest species of spider found in the UK – its legspan can be over 12cm! But don’t let it frighten you. The super spider, found in homes around southern England, is an amazing natural pest controller, chomping on loads of insects each year. Yay!

The Creakers

Dust mite

Less than 0.5mm in length, this tiny chap has survived on Earth for more than 20 million years. Wow! Feeding on dead skin that’s fallen onto carpets and furniture, its poo contains chemicals that some people are allergic to – so get the vacuum cleaner out and suck up this nifty nibbler!


The Creakers

Common clothes moth

This mischievous moth lives in dark attics, wardrobes and carpets in homes around the UK – its larvae eat the keratin found in natural fibres such as wool and silk. Yum! They love warmth, and find sweat and food stains extra tasty – so turn radiators off in empty rooms and wash your clothes!


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