What is Animal Jam?

Confused about Animal Jam? Here we explain exactly what Animal Jam is, how it works and why we love it – even for the most novice of gamers.

What is Animal Jam?

Animal Jam is an online game recommended for children 9+ in which you become your favourite animal. All the animals live in the virtual world of Jamaa, a tropical wonderland full of other animals looking to play games, have fun, chat and make friends, too!


As you may have guessed, the animals of Jamaa are not your average fluffy critters. You can dress your animal in different accessories, colours and patterns. In fact, you’re free to customise your animal in whatever way you want, whether you dream of becoming a purple penguin or a glasses-wearing gibbon – it’s all possible in Jamaa.

Is Animal Jam educational?

What is Animal Jam?

Yes, but it’s fun, too!


The game itself aims to teach children about the beautiful and natural world around them, through educational, safe, fun play. Partnered with National Geographic, it encourages children to learn more about the environment. In exploring Jamaa – an exotic world where animals are disappearing and the environment needs your help – you’ll learn about different lands, ecosystems and animals.


As a “Jammer” (a player) you’ll encounter plants and animals that hold cool information. Jammers can then choose to store their learnings in their Journey Book, to find again later. And the best thing? These facts come from two renowned, real-life scientists, who each have their own activity areas in the game, full of facts, cool info and a place where they can also answer Jammers’ questions. They are herpetologist, Dr. Brady Barr and marine biologist, Dr. Tierney Thys.

What is Animal Jam?

New educational videos are released every single day in Jamaa. From informative animal videos, National Geographic content and Animal Jam’s scientists answering questions.


Jammers can play games, watch videos and make friends – it’s basically an animal lover’s dream!

Is Animal Jam safe?

What is Animal Jam?

Parents have control over their child’s Animal Jam account settings, including the ability to manage their chat preferences. The game activity is also strictly moderated to make sure that all Animal Jam play is safe. You won’t find outside advertising on Animal Jam, and they operate a strict privacy policy.

We hope we’ve answered your question, “What is Animal Jam?” So, don’t you think it’s about time you checked it out? Visit animaljam.com.

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  • I love to play animal Jam

  • noel0357


  • Adriana

    Cool Game!

  • Xall14


  • Skyla

    I'm going!

  • pikacool

    animal jam is just to fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Hamster

    I LOVE animal jam, its the best computer game in the WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOORLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! If anyone would like 2 find me, mi user is nuggetmick. I got 2 hamsters + i'd realy like 2 be a member.

  • Phillplays

    This game is fun! I've had 3 year experience and it's amazing. You should try to play, you can interact and trade with jammers for better items! I recommend this to 7 - 24. It's safe and fun.

  • Velvethappy

    Just started playing but I don't know how! Please help me, my username is Velvethappy

  • Eva

    I love animal jam and I recommend it for not just children but adults it is so fun and I am really addicted to it

  • Neesha 2017

    I want to play it.

  • Star

    I love animal jam it is the best game ever, I like my animal, my pets and every thing. In addition I made some very friendly buddies I would recomend this game to everyone who loves animals. ( Like me I am mad about animals)

  • Cutebunny8436

    Wow I love animal jam its the best game ever I love this website because my theme at school is arctic animals

  • Leah12345

    i play animal jam to i love it its cool

  • missangiegirl

    This game is truly amazing. It is very educational and extremely fun. Please give it a go no matter your age. Trust me you will enjoy it.

  • JungleLizzard

    I love Animal Jam. Its fun,very educational about Biology,Geography and other nature activities!Personal i would like if theey could somehow teach us about Physic,Chemistry and other natural sciences!

  • edo22

    I keep on getting this warning sign after I play game!

  • Carlololllll


  • diamondlove54

    best game ever love buddys , repot enimies and most inportently have so much fun and be a member

  • diamondlove54

    I love animal jam it teaches me new stuff . I am a member if I am on please be my buddy type in seach jammer diamondlove54

  • Antariksh

    I love animal jam!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • elaphant

    Hey give me your opinion, should I play animal jam?

  • PHOEBE_97609

    love it

  • christmas77777

    I like Animal jam

  • k

    so coool

  • Cutecatlover

    Best thing ever

  • Danice

    I think this is AWESOME!

  • maylou06

    I love animal jam its an awesome game

  • kittycat994

    i love this game so much cant wait to play again not for babys for everyone bout to play it again

  • bennett


  • Sofia autey

    Awesome cant wait to play the game

  • Abi stitt

    Cool wow lol

  • djdfk

    I play animal jam and I learn lots of facts

  • ecooke


  • ecooke


  • Rainbowfly

    Yes I do play on AJ and its awesome! Tip: If you a want all the cool stuff ask your parents to be a member

  • pink sparkles_201


  • kiera999

    i go on animal jam my favroite game and learn loads of stuff i would reckomend this to anyone who likes fun animals adventure being online and who are 7+


    HIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII buddy !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • lizzo98277

    I play it its awesome I am liz98277 its fun but important not to hack.

  • lillypad499

    Wow because i know Animal Jam this is a lot of information about it

  • erin2004

    would like to play it!

  • sophie2005

    I love this game!!!!!!

  • bunny12357

    cool love game ;]

  • kittycat994

    I LOVE this game! I have been on it for about two years or more. My account is kittycat994.

  • princess61263

    I love animal jam i play it everyday! asap! but there is a problem :,( im so sad i really want to go on animal jam today! but when i go to click onto animal jam meet friends adopt pets and play wild (the animal jam homepage) it wont load and there is No problem with my internet connection. I have unlimited broadband and youtube and stuff and everything else is working exept animal jam :( i been watching ur guyss channel. i love animal jam to bits please fix :( i wanna get todays rare :(

  • Billy32


  • Derpyface

    I really love this game I play it Already

  • lizzo98277


  • Pride9998

    I play animal jam and its really fun!Arctic Wolfs are my fave animal thats why ill be getting a membership soon!

  • sgetty2007

    i luv animal jam :)

  • Ean

    Animal Jam Is The Best

  • rabbit221cats

    cool amazing I play this game

  • lakeside-bunnypop8

    I love animal jam

  • manglethepirate0211

    I love this game but It wont let me login cause pop up ads are all over my computer

  • Mailied

    Cool !

  • sassygrl123

    I love playing animal jam because it is so amazeballs

  • 0310Khush

    Cool! I like Animal Jam!

  • Hollypolls

    I play animal jam!! :)

  • Ysellapoppy


  • PHOEBE_97609


  • meow0123

    love animal jam! (P.S) Jam On Dont Scam On!

  • Ale


  • mattymoo

    animal jam is the best

  • Animal_Lover_2315

    I love animal jam!!! It is definetly my biggest JAM EVER !

  • shadowthewolf80


  • shadowthewolf80

    plz gift meh on aj my name is above

  • Lilian -the- cool

    I tried getting on the website but for some kind of reason I couldnt

  • Acteer


  • Animaljammer330

    My fave game in the whole of jamaa!

  • ahjsdggsdsdhgfil


  • mattat


  • poopsie

    Do they think were crazy??? I know how to play the game.

  • Samboyubciudefgyualehffkufeaggf

    Omg that is so cool wanna play

  • LunaLovegood

    I love animal jam it is awesome. Keep up the good work wild works and NGK!

  • gdfhgjh

    i play it

  • pinkiedash

    i love it

  • Nightsakura

    I love AJ!

  • David1998

    This is great for those who are interested in Animal Biology

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