Norm of the North movie

Get ready for the fab new flick, stomping onto cinema screens this March 18…

Norm is no ordinary polar bear. While he might be fluffy, white, and a dab-hand on the Arctic ice, there’s something extra special about this frosty fellow, and that’s that he can talk to humans – cool!

What’s Norm of the North about?

So when a building company threatens to build luxury apartments in the middle of his Arctic home – I mean, imagine the heating bills! – Norm knows that it’s up to him to save the day.

Norm of the North movie

Setting off on an epic voyage across the globe, and helped by his mischievous lemming sidekicks, Norm journeys to New York City to save his beloved homeland from the greedy Mr. Greene.

With plenty of laughs, chills and thrills along the way, the big question is, will Norm’s quest be a success? You’ll have to watch the film to find out!

Check out the trailer, below!

Meet the Norm of the North cast!

With plenty of your favourite stars voicing the characters, you’ll be spoilt for choice with this A-list line-up. Check them out below – and be sure to listen out for them in the movie!

Norm of the North movie

Rob Schneider

The American comedian voices loveable polar bear, Norm!

James Corden

The British comedian plays ‘polar bear impersonator’, Laurence.

Heather Graham

Voices Vera, the high-flying marketing exec with a conscience.

Bill Nighy

The British actor causes a flap as wise bird, Socrates!

Colm Meaney

Voices ‘King of the Arctic’, Grandfather.

Norm of the North movie

Norm of the North will shake its way into Cinemas on March 18!




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  • bobbyi

    The quality of the videos very good and maybe put more cartoon videos and put a lot more time and make then like 10 minutes long so more people watch them.

  • jakeo


  • Jellybean 1

    Seen movie dident like it too much

  • Bol

    Woo Hoo

  • Cobey

    I. Cant. Wait

  • amirius

    by the ad i think it going to be a great movie

  • LolaYe4ABIBS

    I cant wait to watch the movie with my parents! it just sounds so cool! CANT WAIT, BUT IM TELLING MYSELF THAT TODAYN IS MARCH 15, 3 MORE DAYS TO GO!

  • Thea_Snaith

    I cant wait ill be 1st in line



  • GinzZainab24

    Looks like a really cool movie. I cant wait to see it !

  • ku


  • ku


  • Bea8

    Really good film.

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