We received lots of fantastic entries for this year”s National Geographic Photography Contest for Kids 2014!┬áTake a look at some of our favourite snaps…

Amazing Animals

Dare to Explore

Wild Vacation

Weird but True

Well done to all of you who entered! And be sure to take part in next year”s contest – we”re already excited to see more of your fab photography skills!



  • elllllliiiiiiieeeeecccccc

    weird but I like it

  • Kelvin

    At last! Something clear I can undtdseanr. Thanks!

  • Superwolf

    These pictures are very impressive.

  • PJH

    Any more apples is so funny!

  • Cool girl

    Cool pichers and word !

  • Aimz

    cool! I want to try for next years!!

  • T-T-Tiger

    I love animals and loved looking through this years pictures. I cant wait for next year!!

  • Coolio

    Great photos everyone loved looking through them!Well Done !!!!:)

  • Jacques


  • sophia

    wow . these are amazing well one everyone . i am going to enter this year.

  • Scarlet

    Wow this isnt it great

  • Sachaprice123


  • Saleh

    wonderful this made my day!

  • Rachel


  • Pink_dolphin

    The photos are great, Well done everybody! What do you think the categories will be next year? Looking forward to it...

  • MaddiePenguin10

    WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am definitely going to enter next year!! Well done to everyone who entered, I really enjoyed looking through this years photos, they were extra-ordinary!!!!!

  • Shanzie

    Cool !!!!!!!!!!!! Just to say that Well done to Everyone who did/didnt win !!!!!! Well Done Everyone !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Sophia

    Mine isnt on there :( :( well done to all the people who are

  • yoyo2573

    Mines there too:)!!! These photos are amazing! Well done everyone:)

  • Epicbackflip

    These are cool!

  • Shanzie

    Well done all ! Your pictures are amazing

  • Polly-the-llama

    Yay! Mine was the grass sledge one:) All the photos are really good- shows that kids are just as good as adults with a camera!

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