Feeling brave, resourceful and curious, gang? Good! Because your LEGO® City Jungle adventure is about to begin…

Together with LEGO® City, we’re taking you on a journey like no other – into the thick of the jungle! Join us on our expedition and discover the awesome new range of jungle-inspired sets along the way…


Experience the jungle!


Grab your Explorer’s Handbook!

Inside this handbook you’ll find everything you need to know to survive in the jungle – it’s a must-have on any young explorer’s kit list…

The best thing? It’s FREE with the September issue of Nat Geo Kids – awesome!

LEGO City Jungle range


Check it out, here!



Win a real-life jungle adventure!

LEGO City Jungle range

Enter LEGO® City’s cool creative competition and you could head off on the trip of a lifetime to the rainforests of Costa Rica! 

If you’re the lucky winner, you and your family will head off with National Geographic Expeditions to the jungles of Costa Rica in Central America! You’ll explore the treetops and volcanic canyon landscapes of Río Blanco, go zip-lining through tropical forests surrounded by astonishing wildlife, visit a wildcat rescue centre to meet orphaned ocelots and jaguars, and dine in a tree house. Wow!

Two runners-up will scoop a range of LEGO® City Jungle Explorer sets! All winners will also get a subscription to National Geographic
Kids magazine
. Yay!

Head to LEGO.com/jungle to enter!


Take the jungle quiz!


Check out the new LEGO® City Jungle range!


Jungle Exploration Site

LEGO City Jungle range


Locate the lost plane in the LEGO® City jungle! Explore the mysterious wreck, then set up camp before you hop in the kayak to explore the temple downriver. Keep your eyes open, there are lots of animals and traps lurking in the jungle and ruins. Make sure you don’t pull on the wrong vine — there are surprises everywhere in the LEGO City jungle!


Jungle Mobile Lab

LEGO City Jungle rangePack your gear into the Jungle Mobile Lab and head to the hidden waterfall!. Help the mechanic as he works on the truck, while the scientist checks out the area. Beware of the crocodile in the water, and then discover something amazing at the temple. It’s always an exciting day in the LEGO® City jungle!


Jungle Halftrack Mission

LEGO City Jungle range

Take on the untamed LEGO® City jungle! Drive the powerful halftrack truck and fast ATV to the temple. Move the stone and recover the diamond, but look out for the giant spider guarding the treasure! Oh no, now a panther is on the prowl! Toss the drumstick and maybe he’ll chase after it instead!


Jungle Cargo Helicopter

LEGO City Jungle rangeFly deep into the LEGO® City jungle and make a cool discovery! Swoop in with the helicopter and use the winch to lower the ATV to the jungle floor. Head off to find the hidden temple, but watch out for the massive spider! Will you find the hidden treasure?


Want more jungle adventures? Trek on over to LEGO.com/jungle!




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Win a trip to the jungle with LEGO® City Jungle!

Get your entries in before the comp closes on the 30 November…