Fancy an adventure, gang? Then follow us on a journey into an icy, magical expedition with the The Polar Bear Explorers’ Club.

Stella Starflake Pearl is desperate to be a famous explorer like her father, Felix. Just as Stella’s awful Aunt Agatha is about to whisk her off to a finishing school for young ladies, Felix decides that Stella MUST join him on his next expedition. Yay!

Before long, Stella finds herself travelling around the frozen faraway Icelands with fellow young explorers Shay, Ethan and Beanie, coming face to face with fierce monsters, snow pirates and carnivorous cabbages…


Meet the book’s magical creatures!



Polar Bear Explorers' Club

Beware these sharp-edged, mischievous fairy-like beings — they’re made entirely of ice!



Polar Bear Explorers' Club

Look out — this mythical beast may be fluffy, but he’s as tall as a giant and could crush you in a single step of his ginormous feet!



Polar Bear Explorers' Club

You may not think of wolves as being magical, but these wolves are different. They can communicate with humans, in particular, with Polar Explorers’ Club member, Shay, who’s a wolf whisperer!


Will they live to tell the tale? You’ll have to read the book to find out, gang!



Polar Bear Explorers' Club

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Polar Bear Explorers Club

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