Did you enjoy reading Pongwiffy, the magical (and slightly bonkers!) story by Kaye Umansky?

We sure did! And here’s the fab news– there’s a brand new edition of this brilliant book, featuring two terrific tales!

Pongwiffy Stories


In the first Pongwiffy story – A Witch of Dirty Habits – Pongwiffy has just moved into her new cave. It’s dirty, smelly and damp – in other words, it’s absolutely perfect for the wacky witch she is!


Well, it would be, if it weren’t for the extremely noisy Goblins living next door. Before long, Pongwiffy can’t bear them any longer, and calls upon the help of her best friend, Witch Sharkadder, to find her somewhere else to live. But that’s when the problems really start…



In the second story – The Goblin’s Revenge – Pongwiffy is once again taunted by the noisy, rackety, rowdy creatures. Poor Pongwiffy!


And to make matters worse, her magic broom is acting all funny. Whenever she mentions ‘goblin’ or ‘axe’ or ‘chop’, it freezes over with fear. Hmmm, could the goblins be up to no good? And can Pongwiffy sort them out once and for all…?



We’re giving away 10 copies of this marvellous, magical book…

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For more Pongwiffy info, fly overto kayeumansky.com
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