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General Animals

10 facts about polar bears!

Discover these brilliant beasts of the Arctic…

30 cool facts about China!

Join us on a voyage to the Orient…
General Geography

Dare To Explore with Paul Rose!

Explorer Paul Rose tells us all about his awesome Arctic adventures, and how he came to do this super cool job!
General Geography

What is climate change?

We investigate…

Have an icy adventure in Sky Song!

Join us as we head into the snowy kingdom of Erkenwald…
General Kids Club

Explore the Earth with Greenpeace!

Discover the incredible places that need our protection…

The Polar Bear Explorers’ Club!

Snuggle up with the magical new novel from author Alex Bell and illustrator Tomislav Tomić…
General Geography

10 facts about the Arctic!

Get ready for a chill!
From You

National Geographic Kids Photo Comp!

See the winning entries of this year’s photo competition…

USA facts: get ready for the lowdown on the Land of Opportunity!

Check out our facts about the United States of America!

Azerbaijan facts!

How much do you know about this fascinating country…?

France facts

Learn about one of Europe’s most amazing countries!
General Animals

Meet some incredible conservation heroes!

They’re the ultimate wildlife warriors…

Russia facts

Learn about the world’s largest country!

Canada facts

Majestic mountains, frozen glaciers, beautiful cities and incredible wildlife…discover our fantastic fact about Canada!

India facts: discover this incredible country

Learn about the vibrant culture of India…
General Animals

10 facts about koalas!

Learn all about these cute critters…
Sea Life

10 facts about great white sharks!

Learn all about the great white shark!
General Animals

10 facts about pandas!

Find out all about these brilliant bears!
General Animals

10 black bear facts!

Get the lowdown on these bear-illiant beasts!

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