Species Scramble!

Unscramble the letters to reveal the hidden species…

Puzzle Pieces!

Can you piece together the picture?

How to make a watermelon smoothie!

Mix up a super-tasty thirst quencher…

Geyser Science Experiment

Brace yourself for some blast-tastic science!
General Entertainment

LEGO® Friends Sea Life

Dive into these awesome ocean-themed sets.

Daniel Radcliffe interview!

Our Staff Writer, Alex, met up with amazing actor, Daniel, to chat about his role in PLAYMOBIL: THE MOVIE…
General Animals

Dr Jane Goodall interview!

Find out more about this amazing primatologist who has changed the way we see our closest animal cousins…

The Angry Birds Movie 2

The birds and piggies team up to take down a new threat
General Entertainment

Meet the LEGO® Friends Sea Life team

Explore the Ocean with LEGO® Friends Sea Life
General Entertainment


Get set for some scientific fun at the Kew Science Festival…

Shark Personalities Primary Resource

Find out the truth about these incredible sea creatures…
General Entertainment

Deadliest Week Ever!

Discover pack hunters, animal weapons and wild superpowers on National Geographic WILD…

Stories for Boys Who Dare to Be Different 2

Get set for the amazing new follow-up to the much-loved, Stories for Boys Who Dare to Be Different!

Diary of an Awesome Friendly Kid!

Wimpy Kid fans, get ready for ‘Diary of an Awesome Friendly Kid’ by Jeff Kinney…

Activities Abroad

Lava lands and swimming with dolphins – enjoy an amazing family holiday to the Azores!

Dinosaur primary resource: Identifying species

Discover the characteristics of some of the most recognisable dinosaurs
General Entertainment

Unlikely Animal Friends!

Celebrate the power of friendship…

World’s wackiest food primary resource

Discover the most bizarre meals from around the world
General Kids Club

Evanna Lynch World Elephant Day interview!

Nat Geo Kids chats to Harry Potter star and STAE ambassador Evanna Lynch…

Science with Dr Karl: Why is it dark at night?

Night and dark with Dr Karl…

Science with Dr Karl: In the eye of a fly!

Looking into a fly’s eyes with Dr Karl…

Science with Dr Karl: Mighty pythons!

All about pythons with Dr Karl…

Animal friendships primary resource

Celebrate International Friendship Day with these unusual animal companions…
General Science

Science with Dr Karl: Solar flare ahead!

Solar flares take over with Dr Karl

Science with Dr Karl: A wee fact about asparagus!

Asparagus and wee with Dr Karl…
General Science

Science with Dr Karl: Extraordinary X-rays

X-rays are under the microscope with Dr Karl…

Science with Dr Karl: Ants are Strong AND Clever

Dr Karl investigates ants and their behaviour
General Science

Science with Dr Karl: How planes fly!

Dr Karl explore how planes fly
General Science

Science with Dr Karl: What is a sinkhole?

Dr Karl digs deep into sinkhole science

Science with Dr Karl: cicadas of summer!

Dr Karl explores the wonderful world of cicadas

Science with Dr Karl: I can see a rainbow!

Dr Karl explores the magic of a rainbow
General Geography

Science with Dr Karl: digging a hole through Earth

Dr Karl imagines digging a hole through Earth to the other side of the world

Science with Dr Karl: How much does a cloud weigh?

Dr Karl investigates how much a cloud weighs
General Entertainment
General Animals

Scientists still stumped by zebra stripes

What is the meaning of those stripy coats?

Watermelon smoothie primary resource

Consider taste and nutrition with our fruit smoothie primary resource

Rainy day activities sheet

Get creative and try out these 10 fun indoor activities!
Prehistoric Animals

Dakotaraptor: Scientists unearth giant winged raptor!

Could the huge predator really have challenged the T. rex?

Ancient Egypt facts primary resource

Discover seven cool facts about Ancient Egyptian life

Dog Diaries: discover this paw-some new book!

See the world from the paw-spective of pet hound, Junior…

Glaciers Primary Resource: Hintertux Glacier

Join us on an icy adventure to learn about this fascinating, frozen phenomenon…

Accidental discoveries Primary Resource

Find out how making mistakes can lead to super scientific discoveries!

Measuring for baking (Valentine’s cookies)

A chance to measure weight values and use units of measurement in the real world

Ancient Egypt: Pyramids primary resource

Learn about the famous tombs and how they were designed (both inside and out)
General Entertainment

Make LEGO® Friends!

Create friendships and build adventures…
General Entertainment

Get less gloomy with Pooka: Magic and Mischief

Enter the lush mystical realm of this epic new game out now on mobile and tablet!

Monkey species Primary Resource

Learn about ten fascinating monkey species from around the world

Ferdinand: the love-a-bull family movie packed with fun!

Get set to laugh out loud at this summer’s funniest movie, Ferdinand!

The Pongwiffy Stories!

Tuck into two super, spell-binding tales by awesome author Kaye Umansky…

Science with Dr Karl: How do birds flock?

Dr Karl explores how birds flock
Cool Kids

NG KiDS reviews the best cameras for kids!

What’s the best camera for kids? Let’s take a look…
General Entertainment

LEGO Ninjago Interview!

We chat to LEGO’s top designer to get the lowdown on LEGO Ninjago…


Check out this action-packed animated adventure…

Ancient Egyptians primary resource

Discover some of the Ancient Egyptians’ greatest achievements
General Kids Club

Frankie’s fight to save rhinos!

The six-year-old has planned a project to help protect the world’s rarest rhinos…
General Entertainment

Kew Gardens Science Festival!

Prepare for a hands-on scientific adventure with Kew experts…

10 facts about Ancient Greece

Learn all about this super-cool civilisation!
General Kids Club

How to make planet-friendly ice lollies

Cool off with this icy, tasty treat…

Ancient Egyptian life primary resource

Discover the customs and beliefs of the Ancient Egyptians
Prehistoric Animals

Scientists discover feathered dinosaur tail in amber!

A feathery tail once belonging to a dinosaur has been discovered perfectly preserved…

Phonics (Group 4 ai,j,oa,ie,ee,or) primary resource

Download free activities for letter sound learning, letter formation, blending and segmenting

Stone guardians: Ancient art primary resource

Learn about Colombia’s ancient stone guardians and why they were made

Veggie pasta bake: Measures primary resource

Practise measuring ingredients, counting out quantities and monitoring time this Eat Your Vegetables Day & Father’s Day

Ancient art primary resource

Learn about ancient art; from cave paintings to stone circles

Jaguars on the hunt: Science primary resource

Explore how the jaguar lives and hunts in its South American habitat

Flower facts: Science primary resource

Discover unusual facts about well-known types of flower

Sea turtle: Science primary resource

Discover how marine rescue organisations help sea turtles in trouble
General Entertainment

Habitat investigation: Science primary resource

Learn about the different creatures that live in or around a pond

Endangered tiger: Science primary resource

Discover how a Siberian tiger cub was rescued and rehabilitated

10 facts about Ancient Egypt!

Discover the secrets of this ancient civilisation…
General Animals

Watch ancient baby cave ‘dragons’ hatching!

It seems dragons really do exist!
Sea Life

Ernie the overweight turtle goes to bootcamp!

SEA LIFE Manchester’s resident sea turtle, Ernie, is on a health kick!

Alien investigation primary resource

Explore some of the most well-known alien mysteries

African Fish Eagle: Science primary resource

Discover the super strengths of this majestic bird

Dogs to the rescue: Science primary resource

Learn about the long history that humans have with dogs and how they help us

Peculiar plants: Science primary resource

Explore the unique and unusual features that plants can possess

Mars mission: Science primary resource

Explore what life may be like in space and on the Red Planet

Digestive system: Science primary resource

Learn about the different organs that make up the digestive system

Forest frogs: Science primary resource

Discover why these amphibians are under threat from a fungus

Rainbow rocks: Science primary resource

Discover how rocks are made up of different layers

Ancient Greeks primary resource

Learn about life under Ancient Greek rule in this fun comic strip

Insect safari: Science primary resource

Discover different species of insects found in the UK

Reptile facts: Science primary resource

Learn about the different features and characteristics of reptiles

Manta Ray Facts: Science primary resource

Discover ‘7 cool facts’ about this endangered sea creature

Identifying species: Penguins primary resource

Learn about the different countries and habitats that penguins can be found in

Did Cleopatra really die from a snake bite?

Probably not, according to scientists…
General Animals

Experience life as an animal with virtual-reality headsets!

Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee…be transported into the minds of animals
Prehistoric Animals

Ancient ‘unicorns’ may have roamed Earth with humans!

Check out the prehistoric “fuzzy rhinoceros”!
General Animals

Scientists invent device that lets dogs talk (yes, really!)

The device could help dogs who care for people with disabilities

Scientists discover birdie tap dance that’s invisible to the naked eye

The behaviour was picked up by slow-motion cameras
Physical Geography

Kids reveal their experiences of the Boxing Day floods

Many children lost their homes, classrooms and playgrounds…
General Science

Scientists discover bacteria can “see” like tiny eyeballs!

Scientists have finally explained how bacteria senses light…
General Science

7 steps to surviving an apocalypse (according to science!)

What would YOU do if the world was ending?

Spain facts: discover the land of flamenco and fiesta!

Sunny beaches, fascinating culture and beautiful cities – learn all about one of the world’s coolest countries with our facts about Spain!
From You

Your hilarious #GoodDinoDVD entries!

Check out our pick of the BEST entries, plus find out who won prizes!
General Entertainment

Google Science Fair!

Time to get inspired, gang…

Check out the magical new movie, Pete’s Dragon!

Prepare to be dazzled by this mystical tale of fables, family and friendship!

The Awesome New Asterix movie!

Dick & Dom chat to us about their roles in Asterix: The Mansions of the Gods

Discover the new Darkmouth series!

Get ready for a host of supernatural surprises in this awesome book series by Shane Hegarty…
General Science

Broccoli that tastes like brownies!

Scientists have created a sweet solution for those of us who aren’t keen on eating our greens…

Science with Dr Karl: Immortal Jellyfish!

There have always been myths about immortality, that is, being able to live forever.
General Entertainment

A lifetime of Attenborough’s documentaries

David Attenborough lovers, rejoice!
Book Club

YOUR Book Reviews!

The latest books, reviewed by Nat Geo Kids readers…

Winnie The Witch

Help Winnie go around her castle collecting ingredients for the counter-spell so that she can return the things to normality, but be careful not to let the laundry touch her!

Win: new series from the creator of Dork Diaries!

Dork Diaries and Tom Gates fans, listen up!
General Entertainment

Lottie Dolls – the coolest companions around!

Dolls for kids as adventurous as you are…
General Entertainment

Head out of this world with the Science Museum!

Experience Earth like never before!

Norm of the North: The cool new movie about a heart-warming bear

It’s time for some fab, furry and frosty fun!

The awesome book series from Born Free!

Incredible series about real-life animal rescues…

Check Out Middle School Dog’s Best Friend!

The eighth book in James Patterson’s best-selling Middle School series, follows another of Rafe’s side-splitting adventures…

Watch: the Annie trailer!

Get the lowdown on the must-see movie, Annie!
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Your Fab Photo Comp Entries, 2014!

Check out our favourite entries for the NG Kids Photo Contest 2014!

The Gods and Goddesses of Ancient Greece!

Meet the gods and goddesses of Ancient Greece!

Gods and Goddesses of Ancient Egypt!

Meet five supernatural beings from Ancient Egypt!

Aussie Adventure on Fraser Island!

NG Kids explores Fraser Island in Queensland, Australia!
Prehistoric Animals

Dinosaur Interview with Steve Brusatte!

We catch up with dino-expert Steve Brusatte to learn about our prehistoric world!
Physical Geography

10 brrr-illiant glacier facts!

Join us on an icy adventure…
Hidden category

YOUR Fab Photo Comp Entries, 2013!

The National Geographic Kids Photo Comp Entries!
General Animals

Steve Backshall interview!

NG KiDS catches up with wildlife expert Steve Backshall…

Fascinating facts about hieroglyphics!

We uncover this ancient alphabet…

10 Facts About Ancient Rome

Discover the glory of Ancient Rome…

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